About SiliconMesa

SiliconMesa is a privately-held New Mexico business service corporation providing cloud-based software and secure data storage solutions. Our flagship product, SiliconMesa® EHR, is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution that is customized to fit the existing workflow of each medical practice.

Our management team includes leaders with extensive professional experience in leading-edge data center architecture & security, software development, systems engineering, information technology, and consumer electronics integration. Our board of directors includes leaders in the fields of technology, medical, legal, business, and community service from across New Mexico.

The SiliconMesa Data Center and SiliconMesa Corporate Headquarters are located at the Arrowhead Research Park on the campus of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. As the only EHR provider located in southern New Mexico or west Texas, we are proud to serve the EHR and Practice Management needs of medical practices in the region, and the greater United States and Mexico.

Our Mission

Today in the U.S., the average patient’s health is dependent upon ~200 pieces of paper in 19 different locations. There is no practicable way for healthcare providers to know what lab tests have been done, what therapies have been put in place, what medications are being taken, what diagnoses have been made by primary care and specialists, etc. Too much room for costly (and potentially fatal) errors and waste!

SiliconMesa’s mission is to drive fundamental improvements in healthcare by:

  • Enabling more accessible healthcare through efficiency improvements allowing physicians the ability to see more patients, lower their operating costs, and improve their revenue cycle;
  • Enabling improved patient care quality by providing doctors with all patient clinical information, at the time of care;
  • Providing the technology to drive individualized patient-centered preventative care which moves the business of healthcare from costly reactive ER visits to “preventative maintenance” in medical offices; and
  • Reducing the medical industry’s environmental footprint by facilitating the transition to paperless, and using server virtualization technology to provide high-powered computing resources with significantly reduced energy requirements.