Cloud-Based EHR


SiliconMesa is a New Mexico business service company providing cloud-based software and secure data storage solutions.

Our flagship product, SiliconMesa® EHR, is an affordable, highly secure, and fully integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution that is customized to fit the existing workflow of each medical practice.

SiliconMesa® EHR Features

  • Cloud-Based EHR Software

    No equipment to buy, no IT professionals to hire, and 24x7 secure access.

  • Chart YOUR way, with YOUR custom forms

    Integrate your existing paper forms into the software.

  • Handwriting & Speech Recognition

    Use with handwriting & speech recognition on enabled mobile devices.

  • Integrated Practice Management

    Accurately capture charges, submit electronic claims, and run custom reports.

For a complete list of features, visit our product information page.

Why SiliconMesa® EHR?

  • We are Affordable

    No upfront cost; use existing workstations. Affordable monthly subscription includes complete software access with unlimited technical support and data center services including secure data storage, backup & disaster recovery, and training content.

  • We are Highly Secure

    Confidently avoid civil & criminal penalties associated with medical record security breaches. SiliconMesa(R) EHR’s industry-leading architecture security addresses the 4 most common root causes of medical record security breaches as reported by HHS.

  • We are Customized to Fit YOU

    Fit your existing practice workflow - not the other way around. We replicate & integrate your existing paper forms and database structure into SiliconMesa(R) EHR. Enter data using traditional mouse & keyboard, handwriting-to-text, or speech-to-text.

  • We are Experienced

    Your success = our success! Receive superior, rapid response, customer service excellence from highly skilled professionals.